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tv   Americas News Headquarters  FOX News  March 2, 2013 9:00am-10:00am PST

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>> and now time for what i need to know for next week. tracey kick it off. >> dems going to close loop holes. how about holly wooled. 105 billion tax credit to the film and movie industry. do they nide that? >> no. of course not. i need it but they don't. you know, i cautious about committing new money and if you are going to commit to something. go to stx.
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segate technology. thape make memory chippings. >> johnathon you are on the gold trade; what is your thought? nthe weakness continues. gold has had the worst monthly string of runs now. 100 or $200 off of the price at this lemp. the gold mining index is week and dollar is strengthen. dgz goes up and i am sure the appearance of a safe haven and it is it a weak and dangerous asset. >> gout. looking arounted are be you or so. that's it for us this week. remember folks, we work hard and pay taxs and pay our bills and take care of our officialings. meanwhile our officials are cashin in. why shine a blight light on their wasteful ways because it has to stop . don't forget to weigh in all
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of the topicos twitter. >> all is quiet in the capitol. budget cuts are coming. as for president obama's take. between then and now. whata president obama described gloom and doom. me's now toning it down a bit. >> congress allows the meat cleaver approach to take place it will jeopardize our military and education and energy and medical research. >> this is not going to be a apocalypse as people would say, it is just dumb and if is going to hurlt. it is it going to hurt individual people and the economy overall. >> what comes next? congress can cut it off any time. is there an incentive for either side to budget? i am uma, live from the
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americanews headquarters starts right now. we begin with the sequestration showdown. the president signed sequester in law and laying the blame at the feet of the republicans in congress. fox news correspondant mark emmanuel has more. >> hi, uma, after the robbery republicans said they would not increase tax revenue. president obama signed an order putting it in affect. today the president blasted the gompt >> it is it happening because republicans in congress chose this outcome over closing a wasteful tax loop hole. they decide to protect? interest tax breaks for the well off and well connected is more important than military and middle class. >> speaker boehner and nancy
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peel peel've -pelosi and there would be no last minute back room dealings. no one likes the reductions done, republicans accept happened them as a way to reduce sphending. a rising star blame happened president obama and allies in the senate for failing to act. >> we urge president obama and the stiant democrats to put country ahead of party and pass a responsible plan to replace the sequester. instead of campaigning for higher taxes, the president should our nation's sphending problem. >> as the struggle over addressing the reductions continue. march twenth is when the government funding all of it runs out. house republicans say they will pass a plan this week and
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it will be toup the senate. mr. obama said the impact will not be felt immediately. but the pain will be real, uma. >> yet another showdown looms on the horizon, mike, thank you very much. >> i talked with wyoming senator who said the white house is playing politics with the lives was every day americans. >> spending cuttings are final lie going to occur. why have tried to get spending under control for a long period of time. this is just the first step. the american people realize that half of the money sent to washington and taxes is wasted. they know that washington is full of wasteful spending and now the mench people are getting what they asked for in terms of getting the spending under control because they are worried that their kids are buried under a mountain of debt. >> the cuts are happening, but many people are concerned about the specific cuts that were taking place and there a stay that the cuts could have
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been prioritiized better . weep didn't have to take drastic measures with the military. >> well, the president has said that the cuts were dumb and arbitrary and i agree and i stipulated legislation that would center given the president the flexibility that he needed to make the cuts in the right places and that was a bipartisan support of that. mark warner we talked about military. septemberor warner from strirge virge and former governor of strirge virge. voted to give the president flexibility. it seems like the president didn't want flexibility. he uses fear and zipe zy to try to force the hand of raising taxs and i am not buy i know there is it another washington wasteful spenteding in term of program thars overlapping and ineffective and there is over a 110 billion in improper payments and money that went out from washington last year.
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that's what we need to get under control. we need to make we watch where the money is spent and give the president the flexibility. he doesn't seem to want it. >> you have gone on saying the president chose to put our national security in jeopardy. >> the president is it the commanderp in chief and has a responsibility to make we as a nation remain strong and the president should have embraced this flexibility that he was offer would so he could make the right choices for our country. it would seem that he rather have a political argument to use and instill fear and anxiety in the hearts and minds of the american people in an effort to try to raise taxes. i am just not buying it i think our problem is wasteful washington spending and i want to make we cut that. >> the president continue to blame the republicans for the impasse. isn't it true that the president himself has the power to choose what cuts are
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actually maid? >> i think the president has more flexibility that he wants to let on. it is astonishing that the secretary of education goes on national tv and stay the teachers are getting cut and that is not the case. in preparation for the sequester, a number of illegal immigrants that are detained were released, it just seems irresponsible in my mind of what? this administration is doing in an effort to try to force the congress and the american people to increase taxings when across the board and even in a bipartisan effort on the floor of the senate, the senators and democrats voted against raising taxes on anyone even though that was the president's proposal. democrats who are running for office in a number of states, north carolina, and staw saw and louisiana who vote ed against the president's
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proposal of raising taxings. they know that the people in their states don't want taxes to go to go up. >> we'll ask you the final question. when you look at the big picture. the public is frustrate would with government in washington. because certainly the sequister situation was not an issue that goes back to 2011 and a lot can be done between now and then . why is there such an impasse? the people are frustrated to the point that they are not having faith in government to get anything done in a substaniative way that is it good for the mirn people. >> the mirn people are right. the presidential election, the president didn't want to come to the table to discuss the issues. you are right it has been a year and a half . the president talked about the budget situation. i would say whether - where is the budget this yearly is eye
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months late. the one last year not even the democrats voted for. the senate hasn't passed a budget . the democrats have croil would that fur four years. families can't live that way and our government can't function that way. that's why i support. no budget, no pay. memberings of congress should not get paid . the american people deserve better than what they are getting today from congress and president. >> they sure do, sir. >> thank you for your insight. all the best to you. >> thanks for having me. >> a day after the president signed sequestration in laup it is it too late to go back. we didn't have to get here and create more pain. senator tom coburn's waste book documents shocking ways your taxpayer dollars are put to use. things that could have been cut and were not. take a look.
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amazingly, the national institute of gave $176,000 to the university of kentucky to determine if japanese quail are more likely to have sex when high on cocaine. believe it or not that is true. perdue university received a portion of a federal government of golf study to see how their minds work in the game . a new york city theater. 697,000 to produce a musical on climate change. coburn's waste book 19 billion wasted dollars. it is it snap shot of a larger problem and you can see the entire report on the saintor's website. >> a majority of at home are weary over the politics and drama of sequester battle. a brand new fox poll 45 percent of you feel sequestration will center a negative affect on the country and 27 percent said it will
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have a affect. the other 22 percent feel like it will make a difference at all. join happening us to sort through the fact anding fiction. radio talk show host monica crowley. >> hi, uma. >> we talk for a moment about the polls, many are bracing for the tough times country and yet you heard examples that i outlined talking about outrageous programs that are waisting taxpayer dollars in a time we can least afford it >> i think that number. 45 percent in the fox poll anding that the mirn people think that the sequester will negatively lie affect the country. the president has been out there pound this exaggeration of levelful pain that americans might feel from this. remember, uma, the realitiy is that we are not talking about spending cuts but slowing the
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rate of government growth. 2. much cents out of federal dollar that is spint. we are talk about a minis scule amount of money and the president is it beating the drum because high is it a big spending leftist and any kind much government spending is cut that the sky is going to fall. it is the first full day of sequestration nation. can you feel it now? >> over the long term it is it much better for the country because it is it the first step to get out of control spending and debt out of control. >> to be fair. we seem to be the height of dysfunction in washington . you look at the other poll. why asked people how did the economy feel to your family? is it getting worse? 55% say yes, it is it compared to 2012. getting better.
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31 percent stayed the same. >> is it any wonder why americans are fed up and so fewirsts to get rid of waste in government when they see that. >> absolutely. ape lot of people look at personal financial situation and they are worried about it there is it a sense that the economy is not getting better but getting worse. we saw in the last quarter that is negative.1 percent . only 2.1 percent positive economic that is it barely hommeding your head above the water. that is not getting better. consumer confidence is down because of the hit of the pay roll tax hike. they have less money to spend . government spending which we are talking about. government spending and the debt is a huge drag on the economy to the point where every american is now feeling it . it is affecting their personal financeless. >> to their point, our poll
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asks the question. how will the country get want deficit under control. 57 percent believe that the only way to do this is with automatic am cuts. what do you think of that? >> i think that is it right. more pime ever attune tod how dramatic the debt crisis is. gal up and rasmussen and polsters under the last three or four monthings are showing a dramatic turn around on how people are viewing the debt and feel about it prior to this. economy and jobs were the issue . poll after poll is showing that the debt and deficit is in the number two postition behind the economy. it is all interrelated >> let me ask you in the final moments we have. taking a bigger look from the whole thing and whoo we are witness to in the last few weeks. finger painting and height of dysfunction in washington;
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what does it say to you about getting anything done on capitol hill today? >> very tough, very tough. the president said he will be blaming the republicans and you have a constant back and forth. a lot of american people tune it out and say we likes and you have a president who threatened to veto the replacement bills that the republicansed to try to avoid this very day. the republicans pass would that in the house . the president said if you that i will vet on it. harry reid killed both bims. the president has the bully pulpit and not telling the truth. thosages get out to the american people and republicans, to refine their messaging, and make sure the american people know the truth to reign in government and
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spending. >> thank you for your ininsight. >> thank you. >> bob woodward is it blasting president obama for letting sequestration cuts to affect national defense. the president's decision not to deploy a aircraft carrier because of budget concerns thoored to be -- under the constitution, the president is commander in chief and and employs the force. the president because of the piece of paper and agreement. i can't do what i need to do to protect the country, that is it a kind of madness that i haven't seen in a long time. >> some are taking it as a reference to richard nixon. it is it a running dispute between him and the white house. >> turning to a big story
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making news. cemeteriers of the key stone pipe line has gotten a boost. they stopped short of an actul ricommendation but help the pipe line to inch closer to realit ipeeper? >> the state department doesn't give the 1700 mile lock line up or they cite detail would scientific research to explain that canadian star sands are likely to be developed one way or another. whether or not the pope line is built. impact on the environment will be the same. it is important this point to deal with the nature of the document and look at different environmentam issues that are raised.
9:19 am
in about a wike, the epa will post the draft report and a 45 day public comment period will begin. >> and the speaker are of the house john boehner made up his mind and said today a report makes clear there is no rain for it to be blocked one more day. it is time for president to stand up for middle class jobs and energy security and approve the key stone pipe line. the flip side comes from democrat congressman who said on the energy and commerce committee. we don't need dirty oil to stop climate change and destructive storms and flood and wildfires that we are experiencing. we should investin clear e
9:20 am
clean energy transcanada is the canadian company looking to build key stone . their president said nobody has a stronger? interest in making sure the pipe line operates safely. >> how about 18 hoils of skeet shooting. a three million dollar course in las vegas that lets you golf with guns? >> and a florida stink hole swallowed a man alive in his bedroom. the 911 call release we'll have that after the break. dad, i'd put that down. ah. 4g, huh? verizon 4g lte. 700 megahertz spectrum, end-to-end, pure lte build. moe most consistent speeds indoors or out.
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>> you they are worrying that a sink hole that swallowed a man while he was in his bedroom could take his entire home. they are doing more test and not allowing anyone back inside of the house. we have 911 tapes from the night of the accident and they're chilling.
9:25 am
there are no sign of life and the mission has changed from rescue to recovery. experts say it is not a typical stink hole and not sure why it hasn't fully collapsed yet. >> you no doubt heard texting while driving bans . what i'm about while walking. a bill that makes it illegal to read or brous or text while walking. it would ban it on all state road and even residential neighborhoods. you would get a warning and repeat offenders would face a $250 fine.
9:26 am
exceptions if you are talking about emergencies or crime in action. >> time do you think that texting and walking should be outlawed. tweet at uma underscore pemmaraju. we'll read those responses later . two days after shane todd's last day at work in stinga pore he was dead. he was concerned that his work was used to help china spy on the u.s.. joining us is it dominic. >> shane topped tod took a job in stinga pore because he wanted adventure, little did anyone suspect it would lead to his untimely death. he found hanging in his
9:27 am
apartment. his family believes he was murdered. he was workog technology to amp fipe radar and disrupt communication for the chinese industrial giants. he told family and friends that his employers were using him to help china to get hand oz sensitive technologies to harm u.s. national security. >> he went back to singapore and told us that he was asked to compromise u.s. security and uncomfortable with what they asked him to do and tommed us that his life was being thretsened. >> his parents were stus picious about his death after they discovered inconsistencies in the investigation by the singapore authorities. the suicide note was too out of character for his parent's liking and the scene of the death did not match the given
9:28 am
by police. his body found an evidence of a struggle than stuicide. his parents are calling for the u.s. government to nind out what happened. they called on congress for support. the family wants to see a congressional investigation. so far the state department said the u.s. offered f.b.i. assistance the and the singa poir haven't done that much and the state department will have to do more when there is it a report release indeed singapore. the family will continue to fight for the truth to come out. very big mystery here. >> thank you very much. >> our predicted the sequester cuts would force it to release hundreds of jailed illegal immigrants. that number is it actually a lot higher. that story is coming your way . right now, new secretary of state john kerry is in egypt.
9:29 am
he will meet with the leaders and the controversial president. live look coming your way from caro, next. [ female announcer ] the best thing about this bar it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the new fiber one caramel nut protein bar.
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>> welcome back. 85 billion in automatic mandatory spending cuts kicked in and neither democrats or republicans are showing signings of budging. it is the bottom of the hair and peter doocy has more on this and the rest of the stories making news right now. >> president obama said congress can turn off the cuts any time if they will compromise. mr. obama blamesment republicans for the sequester saying it was not necessary for things to gets this far. the gop said the house passed measures and the senate didn't
9:34 am
. the new york court will review whether the state's new gun controls were rushed into law in violation of the sate constitution. it vilastes the free speech and property owners and right to decision government . 2000 illegal immigrants have been released from jail thanks to the sequester budget cuts that. is significantly higher than the few hundred quoited by the obama administration. there is to lead to another 3000 this month . california legislator want to ban people state wide from smoking in multiunit complex like apartment homes and condos, free standing homes would be exempt. >> thank you, peter. >> and former republican presidential candidate mitt romny speaking to chris
9:35 am
wallace. he's largely out of the lime light since the campaign ended. governor romny his eye on washington. >> the president has handled the sequester in the spending cuttings. >> no one think that is is a success. he doesn't think it would happen. it is happening. but tidate what we have seen, the president out campaigning to the american people and doing rallies and flying around the country and berating republicans and what does that do? >> the republicans are retrenching and put up a wall . that is it a gnarl e. the president has the opportunity to lead the nation and bring republicans and democrats together. it is it a job only the president can do. >> the obama administration is right now releasing hundreds much -- of illegal immigrants
9:36 am
that were slated for deportation. what do you think? >> the president has to act on the q. of the country. if we need an aircraft carrier in the gulf and i believe we do. i thought we needed one more he should do it pime incarcerated, he should make sure we keep them in jail. again, it is it politicings. how do we do something that makes it look like the terrible republicans are not willing to come together. >> to hear more about how governor romny and his wife ann are doing these days since the election. go to fox news sunday. it will reair tomorrow night at 6:00 p.m. it kicks off a powerful block of television and a must see special on the national debt. >> turning to other news now.
9:37 am
secretary of state john kerry is in caro. our washington correspondant james rosen is it traveling with secretary of state ker i and james, is stiantor - secretary kerry expected to tell president morsi. >> greetings from caree. we are awaiting secretary kerry and may be hustle indeed his motor cade en route. high made it clear what he will tell the egyptian president when they meet he will insist or recommend morsi institute economic reform necessary his country and that will not make him popular here. thatthere is a great deal of unrest. he will have to reduce subsid ies in order to secure a big loan with 4.8 from the ims
9:38 am
that would help his economy and unlock funds and a bunch of arab countries. without that imf loan, the secretary will make clear that the egyptian economy will remain in free fall. uma. >> we look forward to your report chiro. >> venezuela government revealed that president hugo chavez is undergoing chemo therapy. the vice-president told reporters that doctors began the treatments back in january following chavez' 40th cancer sturge rye in cub a. he continues his battle for life. chavez is back in caracus. >> back in the wormed americans were taken prisoners. what got him through stix
9:39 am
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>> controversy surrounding the a three year old boy adopted to russia. the january 21st death is an accident. but the russian authorities are blaming the adoptive parents who live in texas. the mom found him unresponsive outside of the home. medical examiner said it is consistent with a self upon inflicted injury. this comes after russia banned americans from adopting russian children. >> this year marks the 40th anniversary of when american pow's were held in vietnam and sent home.
9:44 am
among them a fighter pilot shot down in 1966. the major endured years of unimaginable torteur. his only salvation and poems written in prison. his new book tells the store john mccain writes the book's forward. john borling a p.o.w. won this fight for himself and contributed greatly to the morale and survival of the rest of us with his poems and incredible talent for story telling. sir, nice to have you with us. >> thank you so much. those are generous words by you and also saintor mccain who did the forward on tapos the walls. i hope that the stories that are in the book, poems and the prose, will make you laugh and cry and make you think and do all of that in a contemporary
9:45 am
fashion. >> i felt all of those emotions as i read the book. i know that you sphent much of the six and half year notorous vietnam prison called the hanoi hilton and had torteur and solitary confinement. talk to me about the experience and impact on you as you spent time there. nin those long ago and far away time. the truth and early years were brutal. we were in isolation and semiisolation. after hochemin's death and unsuccessful raid in 1970 things improved a bit gradually and never achieving geneva constandards. but did return to not dying up there. i created the poems and prose in my head and passed them through the walls and later on face to face verbally so my
9:46 am
wife would have a legacy in case i died up there . i didn't . now encouraged by so many to publish after 40 years, you get to see a piece of my soul and i would ask that you be careful with it and it is it the hard parliament is it going back and relieving some of that stuff. >> certainly, certainly . you married and you composed and shapered with the fellow inmates without pencil or paper. how did you manage that? >> well, nestessity is the mothers of invention i would suggest. you try to make time an ally and run a state your name race and not sure if there is it an end. we had to find strategem and you had to fill the empty terrible days . i used poetry and i am a
9:47 am
humanities guy evening ebeven throw i was a air force glaught with an engineering dei kept them alive in my mind and tapped on the walls and a poem calls taps on the wall they wrote just for you and everybody else frankly in the country, because it has themes that transcend and make us transform our own lives. at the end of the day, my wife and i never thought we would publish. the library here in chicago and in new york persuaded us that we ought to go with it and we are gratified by the reaction. >> i have a few stockholders left. has all of the experience been healing for you in the end? >> i think we came out stronger, those of us who came out if i center the drift of your question correct. we wanted return home towith honor and stand proud. really want towhat we wanted
9:48 am
do is come back and compete and enjoy your and i lived all over the world and we continued to march on a number of pursuits that are interest and experience to that constitiency and the book is it one of those effortless. on the walls means a lotitous . i hope it means a lot to you and your viewers today. >> major general, thank you for joining us. you are an amazing person and a heritous all. >> overly generous words. thank you. >> moving right along. nothing is state your name but death and taxings. another doctor said death may not be permanent after all. the doctor is it joining us live. stay with us. . [ coughs ] [ angry gibberish ] i took something for my sinus, but i still have this cough. [ male announcer ] a lot of sinus products don't treat cough.
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they're now coming up with
9:53 am
prevousee unthinkable outcomes rewriting the bound ryes of life and death. one of the leading experts. say that death is reverse able and he documents the findings in the findings. doctor, great to center you here. >> thank you. >> your findings are creating a buzz in the world with many people taking a closer look at what you discovered. the notion of death reversible. how is technology changes the process of dying. >> i am an intensive care doctor and my job is to save people who died and bring them back to life again. people have a perception that essentially death is a fixed moment and you can't come back on that. latest advances science meantime they we can reverse death. not just a few minutes but over hours of time after people have turned into a cof
9:54 am
. i am not playing with words. literally when they have died. we can cool the body down just a bit and that preserves the cells. it is only after a person died that the cells in the body died that the cells undergo the of death. >> 56 percent . hospitals actually can use the cooling procedure to preserve the body and save the brain from damage? >> this is now recommended by the highest international guide lines that people have have died f. they're cooled they center a better chance for coming back to life. they are not implemented universally and only 50 or 60 percent of the hospitals have them and less than 10 percent of the patients who should get it, are getting the treatment. >> in your book you talk about the survivors that survived
9:55 am
without brain damage including a man who was revived 47 minutes and a woman who was died five or stix hours and she left the hospital three weeks later. >> that's right. what they have in common. they were left to be cold and that help tod preserve them and gave time for the doctors to reverse their death and bring them back. it is it astonishing. we don't know how far we can go but it is it an incredible area. but we have people who went beyond the thres hold of death and they tell us . experience on the after life should we say and they have universal experiences feeling peaceful and seeing a light and seeing rel that welcomed them and transformed them and give us an eyewitness account of what it is like to go beyond death and after life and tell us. we study those. >> it is it a fascinating
9:56 am
book. we applaud you for the research you are doing. thank you for joining us today . i recommend folk to check the book out. >> it is it a pleasure to be on. >> we asked and you answered. your twitter responses next. ily. you must be garth's father? hello. mother. mother! traveling is easy with the venture card because you can fly airline anytime. two words. double miles! this guy can act. wanna play dodge rock? oh, you guys! and with double miles you can actuay use, you never miss the fun. beard growing conte and go! ♪ win! what's in your wallet?
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>> welcome back, everybody, golfing with guns? an intriguing proposition, a reality at a new skeet shooting range in las vegas that has been created to


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